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Weekly Bible Devotionals


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  • Christians Walking In Darkness... Our Greatest Undoing?
  • The Pain of Human Forgiveness.  How & Why To Forgive?
  • Why Christians Will Never Be Hopeless?
  • Under Pressure... When You Don't Know What To Do.
  • Christians Trying To Pay God For Their Sins... Is That Possible?
  • Christians Content In A Contentious World.
  • Churches Collapsing Spiritually... How & Why?
  • God's Number One Complaint About Us... What & Why?
  • Christians Trusting Dreams To Know God's Will.  Is It Biblical?​
  • Christians And Their Most Secretive Sin... What & Why?​
  • Believers Unsure of God's Love... How Does That Happen?​
  • Christians Choosing Against God's Will... Why? 
  • True Praying... What Really Hinders Our Prayers? 
  • Amazing Grace... How Sweet The Sound!
  • Face To Face With Your Real Problem. Do You See It?
  • The Christian's Anchor... It All Comes Down To A Relationship.
  • Christians Running From God... But Why?​​ 
  • The Christians Number One Danger... What Is it? 
  • Spiritual Growth... Why It Really Matters?
  • ​The Peace of God... In A World Falling To Pieces.
  • When A Christian Needs To Start Over... How?
  • Believers Serving God... Devotion Or Deception:  Which Is It?
  • Listening To God... How To Know For Sure? ​
  • Christians Locking God Out... The Hidden Danger?
  • Seeing Life God's Way... The Alternative Is Deadly.