Christians Leaving The Ministry.     
Ever feel like giving up or running away from God?  Has your determination to follow Christ at all cost lose it's momentum? It is a very dangerous time in a Christian's life when their enthusiasm for the likeness of Christ is weakening. A pattern of discouragement must be broken once it gains a foothold in the life of a believer. Remember, even a tiny foothold can quickly become a broad and powerful stronghold.  It is worth noting that discouragement is always conceived when we believe and tolerate a lie.  The only means to overcoming discouragement is when we choose to believe and abide in the truth of God's Word and His faithfulness. 

If and when this happens in your life, know that Christ stands undaunted and ready to help. You must have a zero tolerance to lingering discouragement. Tolerating discouragement is rooted in tolerating deception.   Never trust your feelings! Trust the Word of God.



Ministry Burnout...  Why It Happens?

​​​One point must remain perpetually clear: The Holy Spirit will never direct us contrary to the Word of God. Thus the fundamental concern for the believer is to understand the Word of God as the only reality and reliability. The Bible is the only resolve that instills a pure ambition for the glory of God. Walking in the Light of God's Word is the only way to be competent for the Glory of God.  Besides, running from God is impossible.  It is merely an illusion to think one can run from God...  we can only run INTO God.  Jonah is a classic example of that reality.

The number one reason why Christians burnout and leave the ministry is a motive for self-preservation.  The only motive that can and will sustain a believer regardless of the ministry challenges is the ambition to glorify God.  Glorifying the Lord is the pinnacle of Christianity.

Regardless of what your situation is, God will sustain you. Knowing the liberty we have to cast all our cares upon Christ is a matter of biblical fact that compels our obedience to the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Be aggressive in turning away from any and all ill conceived motives the Holy Spirit convicts you of.   Yield to the Holy Spirit's demonstration of the life of Christ in you, and you will find yourself very encouraged and emboldened to renew your mind to the will and glory of God. Amen!

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger