Helpful Tips To Study The Bible

The Holy Spirit is able to teach Christians when the following outline which provides a basic approach to the study of the Bible is applied:

  • Study Prayerfully (Psalm 119:18)  

Specifically ask the Lord to influence your mind as you study His Word.  Remember, the Holy Spirit is the ultimate illuminator of God's Word.

  • Study Purposefully (2 Timothy 2:15).  

Purpose that you will heed what The Holy Spirit is teaching you.

Lets consider different approaches of study:

  • Memorization (Psalm 77:11)

Learning to remember key passages of the Bible is extremely valuable.  Knowing where all the books of the Bible are located is essential to your study of God's Word.  Simply put, don't under-estimate the value of memorizing God's Word.

  • Meditation (Psalm 77:12) 

Meditate means to reflect  or to give thorough thought.  There is tremendous value in meditation.  The Holy Spirit will enable you to grasp a more meaningful understanding of God's will. 

  • Interpretation (2 Timothy 2:15).

Interpretation means to bring clarity so that one may realize the significance of the given subject  Rightly interpreting the Bible is essential to an effective ministry that breeds clarity and certainty.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger 

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The key to rightly studying God's Word begins with knowing the theme of the Bible.  The central and controlling theme of God's Word is Jesus Christ (Christology). It is this manifestation of Jesus Christ;  His Person as God manifest in the flesh, His sacrificial death, burial and His resurrection, which constitutes the Gospel. 
To best understand the Word of God requires dependence on the Holy Spirit.  His primary ministry is to teach Christians sound biblical doctrine that provides confidence in God's Word,  comfort from God's Word,  and courage to obey God's Word. 

First and foremost, understand that the Bible is the very inspired and preserved Word of God.  Make no mistake about it... there are no mistakes with God's Word.

Finally, determine to be thorough as you study God's Word.  This enables you to perceive all that God intends for man in the work of salvation and His will in sanctification for the Believer.

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