Why the virgin birth (incarnation)?   

God never does anything without a good reason, and in this case, there are profound reasons for the incarnation. 
a. To reveal the invisible God - John 1:18; 14:9. 
b. To fulfill prophecy - Genesis 3:15. 
c. To guarantee the Davidic covenant - Luke 1:31-33. 
d. To make a sacrifice for our sins - 1 John 3:5. 
e. To reconcile man to God - 1 Timothy 2:5,6. 
f. To provide an example for believers - 1 Peter 2:21. 
g. To provide the believer with a high priest - Heb 2:17. 
h. To destroy the devil and his works - 1 John 3:8. 
i. To escape the historical curse - Romans 5:12. 
j. To heal the brokenhearted - Luke 4:18. 
k. To set a liberty the bruised - Luke 4:18. 
l. To give abundant life - John 3:36. 
m. To glorify the Father - John 13:31; 17:4.

  • The Humanity of Jesus Christ.  He was a real man! 

1. He had a human parentage - Luke 1:31; Gal 4:4. 
2. He had a human body, soul, and spirit - Matthew 26:12; John 12:27; Matthew 2:8. 
3. He looked like a man - John 4:9; 20:15. 
4. He possessed flesh and blood - Hebrews 2:14. 
5. He grew - Luke 2:40. 
6. He asked questions - Luke 2:46. 
7. He prayed - John 17. 
8. He was tempted - Matthew 4:1. 
9. He hungered - Matthew 4:2. 
10. He thirsted - John 4:7. 
11. He was weary - John 4:6 
12. He slept - Matthew 8:24. 
13. He wept - John 11:35. 
14. He suffered - 1 Peter 4:1. 
15. He bled - John 19:34. 
16. He died - Matthew 27:50. 

  • The Deity of Jesus Christ - Jesus Is God! 

1. Christ is omnipotent (all powerful). 
a. Over disease - Luke 4:39. 
b. Over demons - Matthew 8:16,17. 
c. Over men - Matthew 9:9; John 17:2. 
d. Over nature - Matthew 8:26. 
e. Over sin - Matthew 9:1-8. 
f. Over traditions - Matthew 9:10-17. 
g. Over death - Luke 7:14,15. 
h. Over all your problems - Romans 8:28. 
2. Christ is omniscient (all knowing) - John 2:24; 16:30. 
3. Christ is omnipresent - John 3:13; 14:20. 
4. Christ is worshipped as God: 
a. by the angels - Hebrews 1:6. 
b. by men - Luke 2:15; Matthew 2:2,11. 
5. Christ forgives sins - Mark 2:5,11; 1 John 1:9. 
6. Christ judges - John 5:22. 
7. Christ saves - John 10:28.

The death of Christ has the prominent place in the Word of God. Indeed, the death of Christ is the foundation in Christianity and is the subject of supreme interest in heaven and in the hearts of believers. 

Jesus Christ - Who He Is?     The   most   significant question in human history continues to be:  What  think  ye

  • The Preexistence of Jesus Christ as God 

1. As taught by John the Baptist - John 1:15. 
2. As taught by the apostle John - John 1:1. 
3. As taught by the apostle Paul - 1 Timothy 3:16. 
4. As taught by Christ Himself - John 8:58

What was Christ Jesus the Savior doing before His Bethlehem appearance? 
a. He created the universe - John 1:3; Colossians 1:16. This creation included everything, from electrons to galaxies, and from angels to Adam. 
b. He was controlling this created universe - Hebrews 1:3; Colossians 1:17. 
c. He was communing with the Father - John 17:24. 

  • The Incarnation. 

That God the Son could take upon himself the full nature of man and yet retain the full nature of God. The Bible declares that Christ was as much God as if He had never been man, and as much man as if He had never been God. When God the Son joined himself to a body at Bethlehem, it was an eternal arrangement. He will continue to manifest Himself in this body (its resurrected state) throughout eternity.  Amazingly, when Jesus Christ was born, He was older than his mother and the same age as His Father (heavenly Father).

The prophecies concerning the incarnation. 
a. Old Testament 
* By Isaiah the prophet - Isaiah 7:14. 
* By Micah the prophet - Micah 5:2. 

b. New Testament - Heavenly announcements were given to at least eight individuals or groups concerning the incarnation in the New Testament. 
* To Zacharias - Luke 1:17,76. 
* To Mary - Luke 1:31-35. 
* To Joseph - Matthew 1:20,21. 
* To the shepherds - Luke 2:10-12.

of Christ? ​ Your answer to this significant question will not only determine your eternal destiny; but also reflects how you live now. One of the most powerful thoughts a Christian possesses is knowing Jesus Christ can never be less than who He is,  HE IS LORD.

The Old Testament and Jesus Christ

The Old Testament reveals the plan of Christ crucified; while the New Testament reveals the man, Christ crucified. 

1. The Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) foreshadow Christ crucified. 
2. The Prophets foretell of Christ crucified. 
3. The Psalms express the feelings of Christ crucified. 
4. The Gospels give the facts of Christ crucified. 
5. The Epistles give the fruit of Christ crucified. 

The death of Jesus Christ is important for three significant reasons: 
1. Christ crucified satisfied our sin debt. 
2. Christ crucified satisfied the holiness of God. 
3. Christ crucified satisfied the human heart (those who receive Christ).

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - The importance of the resurrection - 1 Cor. 15:12-19.  If one denies the resurrection, he is forced to six horrible conclusions: 

1. All gospel preaching has been, is now, and always will be completely useless. 
2. All past, present, and future faith is futile. 
3. All preachers become notorious liars. 
4. All living Christians are still in their sins. 
5. All departed Christians are in hell. 
6. All reason and purpose for life itself is destroyed. 

  • The order of the resurrection.

The resurrection of Christ is represented here (1 Corinthians 15:20-24) as being the first of its kind, thus indicating that previous miracles, such as the raising of Lazarus, were more on the order of restoring a dead mortal body to a living mortal body. True resurrection carries with it glorification.

There are three such resurrections: 
1. The resurrection of Christ - Matthew 28:5-8. 
2. The rapture / resurrection - 1 Thess 4:13,18
3.The pre-millennial resurrection of Old Testament and tribulation saints. Rev 20:5,6.

The Ascension and Present ministry of Jesus Christ 
a. The fact of His ascension and ministry - Mark 16:9; Acts 1:9; Romans 8:34.
b. The purpose of His ascension and ministry: 
1. To be our Forerunner - Hebrews 6:19,20. 
2. To prepare a place for us - John 14:2. 
3. To give spiritual gifts to His followers - Eph 4:10-14. 
4. To offer encouragement to His follower - Heb 4:14.
5. To make high priestly prayers for us - Romans 8:34. 

The theme of God's Word is Jesus Christ Crucified, God Satisfied, The Believing Sinner Justified. 

Dr. Arthur Belanger