• ​​Satan's Advantage Over Christians?

The hallmark indicator that Satan has gained an advantage in the life of a Believer is anger, bitterness and a vengeful spirit (Eph. 4:26, 27).  Anger (a cruel indifference) always results from believing the lie that Jesus is not enough. Anger never inspires, rather, it injures the emotions and grieves the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ never gives the luxury of expressing our anger without regard for damages. In fact, the prophet Amos recorded God's outrage against those who vented their anger without discernment.

When others fail us, as they inevitably will;  unfulfilled demands give rise to angry battles.  Most of the time our demands or desires are not to have our hearts possessed, ruled, and provided for by God, and when someone conflicts with our demands, anger flares up.  When our desires become demands,  we then unwittingly change from pleading children into arrogant rebels.  But God is not interested in encouraging the illusion that a world under our control would be safer than a world under His control. God knows that our anger injures... it never inspires. Anger is just one letter shy of danger.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger

Satan's Bait - Why Christians Bite?  The Bible says that Satan is like a roaring lion. His ability is likened  to a lion. He is able to combine speed, power and stealth that is difficult to overcome. This exposes the reality that real danger and temptation is a perpetual issue. The dangers and pitfalls we try to avoid have a way of creeping in.  Example: The devil will not tempt you with stand-alone error, he will provoke toleration of error along-side the truth (Matthew 4:1,4). It is astounding what Christians of today tolerate. 

The battle ultimately lies in expectations. Unrealistic expectations has always been Satan's choice bait for Christians (Matt 4:1-10). For the Christian... Christ, and Christ alone, is to be the expectation of our hearts.  When we lose sight of this truth, we become an advantage for the devil to do his cruel and dirty work of disturbing our expectation of Christ.