Revival.  For Who & Why?     
Are you a candidate for revival?  For one to ask that question is a good sign. Certainly,  Unfortunately, many Christians have been seduced to a pre-occupation with the cares of this world and thus, find themselves conforming to a world view for survival while remaining inconsistent with the will of God.

Revival is realized when there is only one relationship that really matters, and that is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This reality is the basis for any prospect of personal revival in one's life.  Why is this so important?  Because revival is always through the sharp, sudden pains of repentance colliding with the certainty of necessary change. Repentance is preceded by humility. 
Nothing tends more to humble the mind and soften the heart than meditation upon Jesus Christ.



Signs One Needs Revival.

​​​Our relationship to Christ is the stimulus to those recognizable changes that we know must be made. Our relationship to Christ breadths a willingness for repentance and to acknowledge our need of forgiveness! Why is it so important to relish the forgiveness of God. Because God's forgiveness births a renewed fortitude for eternal values and holy living (Isaiah 6:8).

Examine yourself... Are you in need of revival?

  • Are you experiencing inconsistency in your walk with God? If so, this is a clear warning that you are headed for danger.
  • Are you growing increasingly indifferent with people and life's circumstances?. If so, you have entered a very dangerous phase. You are the danger!
  • Are you tolerating indecency in your life? If so, You are likely experiencing the chastisement of God which will continue unabated.
  • Are you wrestling with indignation? Are you constantly angry and impatient? If so, you are (by choice) a classic hall-mark of a backslider in need of repentance and revival.

Be honest!   Your natural life is not spiritual, neither can it be. No matter what is happening in your life, Christ is eager to restore and revive. Know that there is certain entrance to a renewed fellowship with your heavenly Father. Your relationship to Christ makes revival desirable, achievable and beneficial.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger