The Reality of Hope.    

Hope is the driving instinct for all Christians and always stimulates affection for an unswerving love for the Word of God. Only Christians who acknowledge their hope in Christ will pray fervently and faithfully and are committed doers of the Word and cannot be displaced by another kind of usefulness.

Whenever we experience a season of sorrow in our personal life, the Holy Spirit seeks to assure us of the presence and purpose of God which instills an immeasurable deep sense of hopefulness; not a natural hope, as the world craves, but the hope that cultivates an eternal value. 

  • Hopeless... NEVER! 

When you find yourself face to face with penetrating sorrow and deep despair, be assured that your hurt and cries are of chief concern at the throne of God (Hebrews 4:16). Don't mistake your season of sorrow as a mistake from God (Romans 8:28). God wants you to know that He specializes in things thought impossible.

For Daniel (Daniel 6:10), nothing was more conspicuous about him than his hope in God. Daniel's God through hope swayed his intellect, enriched his emotions and filled and enlarged his heart. And all this was so because Daniel was preeminently a man of hope.  Daniel's consecration stood out distinctly like a towering mountain peak. Why is this? How did he ascend to these heights? What brought him so near to God? What made him so Christ-like? The answer is easy: the power of hope!  Thus, he prayed much, he prayed strong. He asked, he sought, and he knocked and there was God. Christians of hope always value the liberty and necessity of prayer. They esteem it, prize it, and do it. ​

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger