• Thanking God For What He Did...

Christians have inherited an immeasurable treasure called the grace of God.  The sufficiency of God's grace is the core reason why Christians are compelled to be forever grateful to God. Yet, so many are willfully trapped by their efforts to obtain God's favor by their works. This explains why so many Christian remain woe-fully ungrateful. One's toleration of ungratefulness is to remain intimately entwined with bitterness, envy, and strife. The Bible exacts thanks-giving as an expression of one's sense of completeness in Christ.

Purposefully acknowledge your oneness with Jesus Christ.  Know that Christ is your sufficiency. Thanks-giving is not something that we can manufacture. It is simply the out flow of knowing and responding to God's favor and faithfulness (Philippians. 4:6,7). Amen!

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger 

​​​Thanking God For Who He Is.    
Never underestimate the power of thanks-giving. The Bible emphasizes caution against the neglect of giving thanks to God. The lack of gratitude is a sure tell sign that one is walking in darkness. The result is a pattern of defensiveness, defiance and the subtle nurturing of hatred.

Living in a spirit of thankfulness is beneficial to our spiritual and physical well being.  One of the most important facets of the Christian's life is the discipline of appreciation regardless of one's circumstances.  Whenever we purposefully exercise gratefulness for who God is, we are in essence exercising faith in God and His will. Gratefulness and faithfulness to God are inseparable. Gratitude and faithfulness to God accepts the fact that there are no other reserves to draw upon or to seek after.