​​​​Self Deception.  Why We Do It?     
One of the most prevalent and poisonous rationalizations of sin is when we suggest to ourselves the lie... "I can handle this. If I sense that I'm losing control, I'll just quit. I won't let it get out of control."   Unrealistic expectations is often at the root of self-deception.  The problem with such thinking is that in sin's erosive grip, the heart of a person is dulled ever more by repeated sin.   A calloused heart cannot sense the deception and increasing danger of the sin barraging it.  

The only advantage a Christian can employ under pressure and overcome is an unveiled openness before God. The opposite of this is a self-willed, miss-guided heart that ultimately results in a sense of futility in all that we do and become. We impoverish and weaken ourselves all because we will not trust and obey God with ALL our heart.   It is for this reason that God applies pressure in our lives.

Unless we experience the pressure of facing every deception about ourselves, we will claw to the depths of our hearts before we give Jesus Christ our consideration. 

  • Self Deception...  The Tragedy?

The tragedy with self deception will be a stunted growth that leaves one at a disadvantage to the grossness of one's  own personal ambitions.

If you are a believer attempting to walk in the likeness Jesus Christ, you can be sure that the  Holy Spirit  will be assertive within your spirit when confronted with a situation or decision that would take you outside the will of God.

If you are faced with the question of whether or not to open and surrender your heart;  then make a determination to go through whatever pressure God has permitted;  surrendering all that you have and all that you are to Him. You will take great pleasure in knowing that you are not your own nor alone. Amen.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger