God's # ONE Complaint... Forgetfulness!

One of the most prevalent issues God has with His children is their forgetfulness.  The Bible is littered with forgetfulness by God's people.   The primary reason we are forgetful  is the plague of  our own desires and how competitive they are with the prompting of the Holy Spirit.   

Often, our desires are met with difficulties and pressure that tempt us to say:  I can handle this.  If I sense that I'm losing control,  I'll just quit.  I won't let it get out of control.   The problem with such thinking is that in the erosive grip of our vain desires, the heart is increasingly desensitized to the precious memories of God's gracefulness.  

A desensitized heart cannot sense the deception and increasing danger of forgetfulness.  Note 2 Peter 1:9... But he that lacketh these things (referring to verse 8 of God's goodness) is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.





  • Danger of Forgetfulness?

​​Forgetfulness can be dangerous, whether it is intentional or an oversight.  The Israelites littered their history with forgetfulness as they allowed themselves to be seduced by the allurements of the world.  The more we allow ourselves to be tempted with the pleasures of this world or allow ourselves to be intimidated by the pressures of life;  we become less inclined to remember the goodness of God. 

How could Israel turn from God and worship idols after God blessed them repeatedly?  Ultimately, Israel took God for granted.  As we observe the Israelites,  we should ask ourselves... do we allow God's blessings to nurture a spirit of gratitude that draws us to greater transparency with Him... or do we allow the deception of self-sufficiency cultivate a pattern of forgetfulness?

The only advantage a Christian can employ under pressure and avoid falling victim to the danger of forgetfulness is an unveiled openness before God. The opposite of this is a self-willed, ill-guided heart that ultimately forgets the source of blessings that lead us to a sense of futility in all that we do and become. We impoverish and weaken ourselves all because we will not remember or habitually meditate on God's goodness. 

Fortunately,  God does not forget us.  It is for this reason that God applies pressure in our lives that stirs remembrance of His graciousness.   If you are faced with the question of whether or not to yield your heart to the indwelling Holy Spirit;  then make a determination to go through whatever pressure God has permitted;  surrendering all that you have and all that you are to Him. You will take great pleasure in knowing that you are not forgotten. Amen.

Sincerely Dr. Arthur Belanger