Christians Backsliding. It happens, Christians backslide... but why?  The number one reason  why Christians backslide is because so much of what  tempts us is what we allow to tempt us. It begins with a willful tendency to feed and nurture our carnal inclinations.   

There are three clues that a believer is in the process of backsliding. The first is the most obvious clue. 

#1. Over-extended - A pattern of complaining is the norm. This one is dangerous when tolerated... because there is the provocation to trust in one's own ability. It only gets darker.

#2. Over-estimating the power of circumstances. A pattern of procrastinating is a means of escape. This one creates a pattern of lying... thus, fear will take hold with its tormenting grip.

#3. Under-estimating God's promises. A pattern of self-abuse and condemnation and that of others. Bitterness is free to do its dirty work.  Bitterness is the hallmark of the backslider.

  • Coming Back To God.  How?

​​What is the answer to this dreadful and deceitful way of living? 

First John 1:5; 2:1,2 Compels One To Be Honest...

  • Expose Sin In The Light - vs. 1:5,8
  • Express Sin To The Lord - vs. 1:9,10
  • Expel Sin From Your Life - vs. 2:1,2

One of the prevalent challenges for the Christian is the need for inward honesty. To resist this challenge is to guarantee our undoing.  Inward honesty must become a perpetual confession of our helplessness (2 Corinthians 12:9). As Christians, we acknowledge the grace of God as our total sufficiency. This is why we have peace in a world that is falling to pieces.

Honestly, we know that our entire life is wrapped up in the grace of God. Concession to this divine reality breeds a Christ-centered determination to live holy. It is the graciousness of God that prevails even when we are wavering in difficult times.

Being honest inwardly is the only peaceful way to enjoy true communion with our Savior.  Honesty with the Lord always finds the graciousness of God as the only attraction for lasting satisfaction. Today! Just be honest with Christ. He is forever inclined to help and forgive you. 

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger