Pray Without Ceasing.  Is It Possible? It is not unusual for Christians to grow prayer-less.  This happens when Christians become plagued  with  wandering  thoughts that fuels toleration for complicity with the world.  Tragically, Christians who are in a pattern of becoming prayer-less are very unsure of God's will, even to the point of substituting God's will for self-gratification.  God's will is not an alternative that we consider in a catalogue of options.  

The backlash or the hidden danger of becoming prayer-less is seen in that many Believers are increasingly weary and faint and are seeking asylum in a state of self-pity.   It is the state of self-pity that grieves the Holy Spirit more than any other disposition. 

Absolute humility and harmony with Christ and His Word is the only true and legitimate way to engage God in prayer. Christ alone is the means of joy, peace, hope, contentment, and holiness.   This is realized only due to the indwelling Holy Spirit. Prayer without ceasing is possible because the Holy Spirit is the instigator to prayer.  

  • Prayer versus. Pride

​​A believer who ignores the compelling influence of the Holy Spirit in the matter of prayer will have only their pride to resort to.   Our pride is often a counterfeit of obedience to Christ.   Pride is living a lie. Pride will never appreciate God's authority. Pride may be subtle; but settled it will not let you be.  There is nothing more extreme than to pray to God in total dependence upon  the  help of the Holy Spirit  with all your heart... the alternative (pride: the making of self) is a certain pathway to despair and death. 

All true and spiritual prayers are virtues conceived by the instigating influence of the indwelling Holy Spirit apart from which all we can attain to is self-pity.  Don't tolerate wallowing in self-pity. It is the hall mark of absolute selfishness of which is the compelling justification why we will not trust God with all our heart. The challenge to pray is both perpetual and very personal with God. He determines to root us deeply in His affection for us (1 John 3:1). The closet of prayer is our fortress for change that breeds a perception of the grace of God (Hebrews. 4:16). Amen!

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger


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