Clue To Losing Spiritual Warfare?

​​​Satan's will for Christians is to be sanctimonious... not sanctified; to be good... not godly;  to be used for God... not used to God;  to be available for God... not accessible for God; to work for God... not worship Him.   Christians will always lose in battle when they fight or argue for spiritual freedom.  Fighting for a possession one already possess is a perpetual state of distrust of God.  The only free person in the world is a Christian.   The clue that a believer is losing the battle of spiritual warfare is revealed in a pattern of inconsistency with God's will.  

The challenge to worship God is both perpetual and very personal with God. When we neglect the worship of God, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the wiles of the devil and the vanity of our imagination.  Never be sympathetic with any challenge that would hinder your need to yield to the indwelling Holy Spirit.  The Word Of God is both our training ground and the ground on which we gain a pure perspective of the worthiness of Christ.   Satan cannot oppress a Christian who knows their free to worship Christ in spirit and truth.  Worshiping and glorifying God is the pinnacle of Christianity and resides at the center of spiritual warfare.  

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger          



​​​Spiritual Warfare.  Winners & Losers?     
Satan's fiery darts against Christians are intended to stimulate a distrust of God and tolerance for self-sufficiency.  More often than not, this is accomplished through stimulating the mind with a preoccupation for survival and/or an endless search for self-significance (Gen 3:1,6). When believers yield to temptations for either, they are always on the loosing end of the battle.  

Ultimately, the primary reason Christians lose in spiritual warfare is unbelief.  Simply put, we over-estimate adverse circumstances and underestimate God's inclination to help.  

It is interesting to note that Satan will never argue with your desire to invest yourself in spiritual-activities.   His hellishness is against God's desire for the believer to be spiritually active... that is... to worship the Lord Jesus Christ by giving thanks and trusting Him to meet every need.