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The Book of Revelation.  The book of the Revelation provides a dramatic overview of the end times, from the rapture of the Church to the very end of the age. 

The book of Revelation details all of the events surrounding the second coming of Jesus Christ and provides the Christian with joyous hope for the future and powerful motivation for godly living in the present!

When studying the book of Revelation, it is very easy to become focused on trying to decipher and understand prophecy.  However, our main focus is to be on the ONE whose coming is prophesied.  After all, it's not just the end times we want to be familiar with, but the Person who is coming... the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Very importantly, the Book of Revelation must be viewed as factual and literal.  That is, we must apply the principle of rightly dividing the word of truth.

Book of Revelation Verse by Verse.