The Book of Revelation Chapter Nine  

Chapter nine provides the details for the fifth and sixth trumpets, revealing two demonic invasions on earth. They bring about immense and intense physical pain.  It is obvious at this point that man is in very serious trouble and very troubled with no way out. 

  • Man Is Troubled - vs.1-11

a.  By What He Can See - vs.2-5 - See Luke 21:26
1.  He Can See Darkness - vs.2 - Lack of confidence, much confusion.
2.  He Can See Demons - vs.3-11
Note:  Insatiable Demons - vs.3,4 - Like locust., they devour.
Note:  Intolerable - vs.5  -  Like scorpions... they cause intense pain.
Note:  Invincible - vs.7 - Like horses in stampede... unstoppable.
Note:  Intelligent - vs.7b - Like man... they appeal to reason versus revelation.
Note:   Insidious - vs.8 - Like woman... their alluring beauty devours.
Note:  Insensitive - vs.9 - Like soldiers... they are heartless.

Note: Inescapable - vs.10a - Like speed... cannot be out run.
Note:  Injurious - vs.10b - Like hunters... their presence and power will cause great discomfort.
Note:  Indivisible - vs.11 - Like a lion... they will not be torn away from their prey.

b.  By What He Can't See - vs.6
1. Can't See What To Do About It.  Truthfully, what can man do about it?  Nothing!
Note:  Man can do nothing about Satan
Note:  Man can do nothing about Sin - Man is sinful.
Note:  Man can do nothing about Self - He simply excuses himself... but he cannot escape himself.
2. Can't See His Way Out of It.   vs.6b   ...shall desire to die... This is the ultimate horror of hell.

​​Book of Revelation Chapter Nine continued...

  • Man Is In Trouble - vs.13-

a.  Let Them Loose - vs.13,17  Millions of demons  loosed to kill.

Note Their Rise - vs.15  ...four angels were loosed...
Note Their Size - vs.16,17  ...two hundred thousand thousand... = 200 million
Note Their Prize - vs.18  ...third part of men killed... The earth will be one massive killing field.

b.  Let Them Lose - vs.20-21  Man Cannot Win - Romans 3:23; 6:23a
Note:  Men Would Not Repent From...
1.  The Work of Their Hands - vs.20 - See Genesis 4:11... The first mention of mans hands.
2.  The Worship of Devils - vs.20b
3.  The Worthlessness of Idols - vs.20c
Verse 21 is the fulfillment of Matthew 24:37... The Days Of Noah.

Why this awful judgment?
1.  God's Reasoning for salvation is rejected... Grace - Ephesians 2:8,9
2.  God's Readiness to give salvation is rejected... See John 1:11
3.  God's Redeemer - The Christ is rejected... See Isaiah 53:3

Why do sinners hate God and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ?   The answer is simple. Sinners naturally hate God, because they are decisively and deliberately selfish; and God is (by His very nature) contrary to the sure intent of the human heart. Yet, we have no justification to hate God. That is, we have no legitimate reason for doing so. God did not create us to hate him... but to know him and love him. Yet, man in his sinful state choosed to remain in darkness.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger



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