​​​Book of Revelation Chapter Ten  continued...

  • HIs Right - vs.4,11
  1. To Give A Startling Message - v4 
  2. To Give A Sealed Message - vs.4b
  3. To Give A Sure Message - vs.5,6

What Are We To Do With This Message?
a.   Read It. - vs.7  As Did The Prophets
b.  Heed It. - vs.8,10  It cost to obey God... It cost the most if we don't.
c.  Seed It. - vs.11  ...thou must prophesy...

It is quite possible to serve God without devotion to Him (Matthew 5:8). However, it is impossible to be devoted to God and not serve him (Joshua 24:15).

If you are a believer attempting to walk in the likeness Christ, you can be sure the Holy Spirit will be assertive within your spirit when confronted with a situation or decision that would take you outside the will of God. Because it all boils down to a life of unreserved dependence upon Christ.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger

The Book of Revelation Chapter Ten.  Chapter ten begins another parenthesis in the chronology of Revelation.  John is provided a small scroll and is told to eat it.  He does, and as predicted, it taste sweet in his mouth, but after digesting it, his stomach is made to feel sour. 

It appears that the visions point to a time period covering the first six trumpets, and thus to the latter half of the Tribulation.  We get a powerful glimpse of the Lord as the "mighty angel".  There is none like him.

  • His Light - vs.1  ...His face as it were the sun...
  • His Might - vs.2,4
  1. A Mighty Hand - vs.2a  ...And he had in his hand...
  2. A Mighty Stand - vs.2b   ...he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth...
  3. A Mighty Command - vs.3   ...he cried with a loud voice...



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