The Book of Revelation Chapter Twenty.  

Chapter twenty reflects Christ physical rule on earth for one thousand years.   According to this chapter, Satan will be deposed or bound throughout the duration of the Millennium (a thousand years).   At the conception of the millennial reign of Christ on earth, an angel from heaven will have the authority and ability to cast Satan and presumably all demons into the Abyss (vs. 1,2).  

After this time, known as the Millennium, Satan is utterly defeated and destroyed once and for all and is cast into hell.  The Great White Throne judgment is in view culminating with the lake of fire.

  • The Grave Capture - vs.1-3  Satan will be bound for a thousand years.

a.  The Prisoner Is Captured - vs.1,2   ...And he laid hold on the dragon...Satan...
b.  The Prisoner Is Cast - vs.3   ...And cast him...

  • The Gracious Christ - vs4 -

a.  He Acknowledges The Saints -vs.4a ...I saw the souls of them..
b.  He Accommodates The Saints - vs.4b  ...reigned with Christ.

​​Book of Revelation Chapter Twenty  continued...

  • The Grievous Revolt - vs.7,10
    a.  The Adversary Is Loosed - vs.7
    b.  The Anarchy Is Far Reaching - vs.8
    c.  The Attack Is Defeated - vs.9,10
    d.  The Advent Of Satan's Demise - vs.10

  • The Great White Throne - vs.11-15
    a.  The Judge - vs.11a   ...and HIM that sat on it... Jesus Christ.
    b.  The Judged - vs.11b,13
    Note:  They Cannot Escape The Judgment - vs.11b place for them...
    Note:  They Cannot Excuse Themselves - vs.12a ...the books were opened...
    Note:  They Cannot Explain Themselves - vs.12b  ...according to their works.
    c.  The Jury - vs.12
    1. The Book Of Conscience
    2. The Book Of Words
    3. The Book Of Secret Works
    4. The Book Of Public Works
    5. The Book Of Life
    d.  The Judgment At This Throne - vs.14,15
    1.  Eternal Separation - vs.14  ...second death...
    2.  Eternal Damnation - vs.15  ...the lake of fire...

    Even though Satan is not present during the millennial, sinners will rebel against Christ. Ultimately, it is not the enemy (Satan) that causes mans rebellion... it is our enmity against God (Romans 8:7).   It is for this reason that Christ will rule with a "rod of iron" during the millennial.  

    At the conclusion of the thousand year reign of Christ, Satan will be let loosed from the Abyss for a brief period of time to gather those who would not submit to Christ from the four corners of the earth to war against Christ. Their effort to dethrone Christ will be met with swift destruction. 

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger

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