The Book of Revelation Chapters 17 & 18.  

Chapters seventeen and eighteen are connected in that they portray the judgment of God on a city called Babylon the Great.  It is the seat of the world's influence for evil.  Chapter seventeen describes her influence, while chapter eighteen prescribes her destruction.  Simply put,  the party is over. 

  • Chapter Seventeen:

I.  The Hysteria of This Religious Harlot - vs.1-6 -
a. Details of their wickedness is not without notice: vs.1 ...I will show thee...
1.  Her Affluence is noted - vs.1a   ...the great whore that sitteth...
2. Her Influence Is noted - vs.1b  ...upon many waters... Her influence is global.
b.  Delights in the filth of hell - vs.2,3
c.  Decked with the wealth of the world - vs.4,5
d.  Drunk with the blood of saints - vs.6

II.  The History of This Religious Harlot - vs.7,18
a.  Her Roots - vs.8  ...of the bottomless pit...
b.  Her Reign - vs.9,14
1.  The Reach Of Her Reign - vs.9,13
2.  The Breach In Her Reign - vs.14,18



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​​Book of Revelation Chapter 18  continued...

  • Chapter Eighteen

I.  The Description of The City - vs.1,24
a.  Hotbed of demons and false doctrine - vs.2
b.  Capital of godless materialism - vs.3; 11-17
c.  Filled with pride - vs.5,7
d.  Center of drug activities and bloodshed - vs.8,20

II.  The Destruction of The City - vs.8,20
a.  The Course of it's destruction - vs.2  Cannot be reversed.
b.  The Source of it's destruction - vs.8   The Lord
c.  The Force of it's destruction - vs.16,18 Perhaps nuclear energy.
Note the reaction to her destruction:
1.  Despair on earth - vs.19 - Note:  No repentance... only regret.
2.  Delight in heaven - vs.20,24
a.  They Rejoice - vs.20
b.  There Is A Voice - vs.21,23 ...a mighty angel...saying...
Note:   A Voice of Violence - vs.21,22
Note:  A Voice Silenced - vs.23  ...the voice...shall be heard no more... Referring To Babylon
3. Diary of Heaven Reviewed - vs.24
a.  The Horror Recorded - 24a  ...was found the blood of prophets and of saints...
b.  The Honor Afforded - 24b  ...were slain...

In the end, we see the Antichrist and the false prophet utterly destroyed.  We see Jesus  as the bright and morning star (Revelation 22:16),  Christ will usher in the new age of the messianic kingdom. The deeds of Christ are observable and unforgettable ones.  

Jesus is not theory, He is God's theology. Christ the Messiah is not fictional, He is factual. The Christ is coming again, not as a Lamb this time... but as the Lion, King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger