​​Gospel of Matthew Chapter One.  

The introduction of Matthew is significant in that it carries humanity out of the Old Testament and into the New Testament. Why is this so significant?   In The Old Testament, We see the Reason for the curse of sin (Genesis.3)  In The New Testament, We see the Redeemer as the cure for sin (Matthew. 1)

The Old Testament repeatedly references death (Genesis 5)
The New Testament repeatedly references life (Matthew.1)

The contents of chapter one makes it very obvious that Matthew is writing to a Jewish audience. He starts with what the Jews have always been instructed to anticipate: Their King!

Matthew gives a methodical introduction on the birth of the Christ, the King of the Jews:  Jesus Christ

1. The Heredity of the King (1:1,25) This is important in that it demonstrates the authenticity of the new born king.

2. The Divinity of the King (1:18,25) This is also significant in that it demonstrates the fulfilling of prophecy.  No godly Jew would ever worship someone that was not consistent with the prophecies of old.

His divinity is noted in the three names given Him:
a. Jesus, which means savior
b. Christ, which means anointed (Heb), Messiah (Greek)
c. Emmanuel, which means God with us. 

Gospel of Matthew Chapter One...  Continued...

I.  The Great Introduction of The Messiah - vs.1-17

  • Israel's Royal Heritage - King David - vs.1a
  • Israel's Racial Heritage - Father Abraham - 1b
  • Israel's Running Heritage - vs.2-17  Fourteen Generations From Abraham to Jesus

II.  The Great Revelation of The Messiah - vs.18-25

  • Joseph Is Severely Distressed - vs.18  His distress is due to a false assumption.
  • Joseph Is Sincerely Decisive - vs.19  He seeks to protect Mary despite his assumption.
  • Joseph Is Safely Dreaming - vs.20-25

1.  The Message In The Dream - vs.20-23       

Note The Assurance Joseph Receives - vs.20 

He is told of God's Act
Note The Assistance Joseph Receives - vs.21,23 

He is given the facts.
2,  The Marriage After The Dream - vs.24,25
Joseph Is Told To Take Mary For His Wife - vs.24
Joseph Is Bold To Take Mary For His Wife - vs.25 He believed God.

Matthew Chapter One is an exclamation that God has not forsaken nor forgotten His people. And We All Say: Amen!

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger