Gospel of Matthew Chapter Two...  Continued...

Worship That Honors God The Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
Worship of the Lord Jesus Christ is born and enabled only by the grace of God exacted by the Holy Spirit (John 16:13).

Worship is obedience to the teachings of Christ.   Obedience is not impulsive boldness as with Peter who walked on water and yet followed Christ from a distance on dry ground.  More often than not, it is our pride and/or human instincts or peer pressure that motivate us to survive the difficult and unusual moments. It takes the grace of God to obey consistently and confidently in the ordinary routines afforded us.

Our natural inclination is to do something exceptional for God. Yet, we are never commanded to do so. The most glorious and exceptional thing we could ever do for God is to Believe God (John 6:29; Hebrews 11:6). Christianity is not learning to be exceptional for God... it is becoming expectational of God (Matthew 7:7,8)

​Dr. Arthur Belanger

​​Gospel of Matthew Chapter Two.  

Chapter two feeds off of chapter one's exclamation by giving a demonstration of the arrival of the king of the Jews.  The Lord's birth brought great joy to many and great uneasiness to others that were preoccupied with their own glory.  The birth of Christ is a great demonstration of God's will to provide the world with the savior while at the same time, God reveals the utter depravity of humanity.

  • The King is Born

1. The King Is Worshiped - 2:1,13
a. Worship That Was Sincere - vs.11
Note;  Worship Is Discipline - vs.1,2 ...there came wise men from the east...
Note:  Worship Is Devotion - vs.9,11
Note:  Worship Is Duty - vs.12

b. Worship That Was Insincere - vs.13
Note the contrast between Sincere and Insincere worship:
<> Investment is lacking with insincere worship
<> Involvement is lacking with insincere worship

  • The King Is Torn

2. The King In Warfare - 2:13,23
a. The King Is Hated - vs.12 - Why Do Sinners Hate Jesus?
A Reception To Inquire of The King - vs.7
A Deception To Acquire The King - vs.8 & 13
A Perception To Inspire Hatred of The King - vs.16,18  

b. The King Is Hunted - vs.13,14
c. The King Is Helped - vs,15,23

  1. By His Heavenly Father - vs.13 & 20
  2. By His Earthly Father - vs.20,23