Gospel of Matthew continued

  • Chapter Eight:  The Real Deal On Healing
  • Chapter Nine:  He Touched Me
  • Chapter Ten:  Onward Christian Soldier
  • Chapter Eleven:  The Task Of Suffering
  • Chapter Twelve:  Let The Fights Begin
  • Chapter Thirteen:  The Sower And The Grower
  • Chapter Fourteen:  Darkness Flees The Light
  • Chapter Fifteen:  The Matter Of The Heart 
  • Chapter Sixteen:  Beware Of Hypocrites
  • Chapter Seventeen:  The Glory Of God
  • Chapter Eighteen:  The Frustration Of Temptations
  • Chapter Nineteen:  Divorce Court
  • Chapter Twenty:  Help Wanted
  • Chapter Twenty One:  Here Comes The King
  • Chapter Twenty Two:  Eternal Values
  • Chapter Twenty Three:  Telling It Like It Is.
  • Chapter Twenty Four:  The End Times
  • Chapter Twenty Five:  Story Time
  • Chapter Twenty Six:  The Plot To Kill God
  • Chapter Twenty Seven:  Christ Crucified
  • Chapter Twenty Eight:  Christ Glorified

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The Gospel According To Matthew.  
The Gospel of Matthew has a unique place in the Word of God.  It is the first book of the New Testament that introduces Jesus Christ to the world and in particular, to the nation Israel.  With Matthew, we are transferred from the Old to the New.  From the letter of the law to a better law.  From the ten commandments to the tender Commander.  

In essence, the gospel of Matthew can be summed up as:

I.  The Theme: Jesus Is King 
II. The Theology: The Kingdom Of Heaven
III. The Theologian:  Matthew