Joel's Prophecy. For Israel or The Church?   When Peter quoted Joel, he quoted kingdom language while anticipating the millennial reign of Christ to commence in his life-time. Note the evidence of the out pouring of the Spirit of God in Joel (2:28).  Prophecy, dreams, visions, all of which are consistent with Israel in the Old Testament. experience and will once again be experienced during the millennial kingdom of Christ. Because Israel rejected the millennial offer of Christ' reign on earth... the prophecy of Joel is yet to be fulfilled.

Note: Israel rejected the offer of the millennial kingdom on three separate occasions.  Once by God the Father, second: By God the Son, and third: by God the Holy Spirit... 

  • Rejected God the Father when they killed John the Baptist. 
  • Rejected God The Son when they crucified Christ. 
  • Rejected God The Holy Spirit when they murdered Stephen.
  • Joel's Prophecy - Is It Still Future? 

Joel's prophecy as presented by the apostle Peter was rejected by Israel. Joel's prophecy will be offered once again during the millennial kingdom of Christ with Israel's full acceptance of Christ.

Contrast Peter's quote of Joel 2:28 with what Paul teaches the Church concerning the filling and the fruit of the Holy Spirit (See Gal. 5:22,23). The major difference in which the Holy Spirit will work according to Acts 2:16 in light of Joel 2:28 is that the Holy Spirit will come upon (outwardly) all flesh. This is the way the Holy Spirit worked in the Old Testament and will again according to Joel's prophecy. Today, or with the Church, the Holy Spirit works inwardly (John 14:16,17; Eph. 5:18). 

In Peter's address at the time of  Pentecost, he spoke with outward evidences of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1,4). The Holy Spirit literally came upon (outwardly) their flesh. The point is this: In Acts 2,  the Holy Spirit  is working outwardly with Israel and not the Church. It is not until we get to Acts 13 that we begin to observe the Holy Spirit working inwardly in the Church. 

Not to distinguish this major difference in which the Holy Spirit works will cause confusion and division in churches. 

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger  




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