The Mark of The Beast.  For Who?   The Mark of the Beast is noted as the number of the beast - Revelation 13:18. Specifically, the number of the beast is 666;  a number that reflects humanity and its rebellion in association with the character of the Anti-christ

The False Prophet will deceive and intimidate the unbelieving world during The Great Tribulation to receive a mark that is used, among other things, to buy or sell.

There are three components to the mark of the beast:

  • The mark is an implantable microchip and could be in any form; visible or invisible. The mark identifies and verifies who and where you are, similar to the photograph on your driver's license.
  • The number is a security code similar to your credit card number. It identifies you. Only you have that number.
  • The name is like a password or PIN number. You need it to take out money, or to authorize transactions.

The word used for "MARK" means to engrave. It will be a microchip insert that is placed in the human hand or forehead.

The technology already exists today to create an implantable device that will be used as an identifier. This technology will be used to foster and enhance the "mark" of the beast.

The following current events are in motion to facilitate the public's acceptance of the Mark of the Beast:

  • A one-world government is now plausible
  • A common process for currency is already established.
  • English is the unifying language for the world.

The credit/debit card is making a cashless society a reality.  The implantation of foreign objects into humans is now considered normal and even necessary.​  The Mark of the Beast will be a forced process during the tribulation that will enhance the ability of the  False Prophet  to enforce his wicked agenda.

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The Beast (666) His Glory - Gloom & Doom!
What will the Beast be like?  His character is made very obvious by the Word of God. Note the following:

  • He will be the darling of humanism. He will be the ideal of Individualism! (2 Thessalonians. 2:4)
  • His message and mannerism will seduce the world into a false peace. (1 Thessalonians. 5:3)
  • The Obvious irrelevance of Women. He'll have no "desire for women," Daniel 11:37. Perhaps an indication of homosexuality. Jesus said the last days would be like Sodom and Gommorha, plagued with the unnatural, sinful practice of homosexuality.
  • He will be anti-Christ.  He will boast that he is God, and will stand up to all others, including Christ (Daniel 8:25). Being anti-Christ, he will also be anti-Christian. He will persecute and execute God's chosen people, the Jews, and the nation of Israel, Revelation 12.  Israel has always been a nation plagued with Satan's hatred.
  • He will be supported by a religious leader who possess tremendous influence. This will include the Pope and many in the ecumenical arena.  Revelation 18 tells of the coming one-world political system. Revelation 17 tells of the coming one-world religious system. He will appear as a lamb, speak as a dragon and do miracles by the "spirits of devils."
  • His reign will be brief and troubled. See Daniel 11:40-45.
  • He will be damned for all eternity. Revelation 19:20​

Many will concern themselves only with the answers the Beast gives... and will not question his source. The Beast will be poised to deceive the world. The ability to nurture the selfish ambitions of the flesh guarantees his success up until Christ Jesus Comes. Jesus spells gloom and doom for the Beast

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger