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Humanism vs. The Bible   

Humanism is a religion which fervently believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as the result of a continuous evolutionary process. They regard the universe as self-existing and not created.   

The root of humanism is pride.  It is nurtured by hostility towards the reality of God resulting in the blind leading the blind.   You can be sure that a devout humanist considers Christianity enemy #1.



Humanism Impact on Society - Where does Humanism find opportunity to proclaim its vain enthusiasm for an empty salvation?

  • Public Education - This forum is considered by humanist to be a powerful ally. Every American public school is considered a school of Humanism to these people.
  • The Courts. Today, Humanistic laws are being enacted which are contrary to Biblical laws of justice and mercy. The Supreme Court decision of legalizing abortion was based on humanistic reasoning.
  • The Legislative & Executive Branch Of Government. The political objective of religious humanism is a one-world government controlled by man, not God. A humanistic government requires control of all money; thus... humanist attack free enterprise, private ownership and family or business assets.
  • The Church - It is not uncommon to observe Churches influenced by humanistic reasoning. A sure tell sign that a Church is intoxicated by humanism is the lack of dogmatism on "thus saith the Lord".
  • The Family - Humanism aims for the re-definition of the family. They hold to a family that mirrors society's equality for all definitions of family. The Biblical norm for the family is rejected.

Humanism is not new. It originated with man's desire to cooperate with Satan's argument against the authority of God Word (Genesis 3).
The Christian's response to this evil and deadly assault must be separation from any obvious aggressiveness against the Word of God. And very importantly, The Christian must be soldier-like in his or her mentality by way of dressing ourselves with the whole armor of God.   It is God's will for the Believer to be different in an indifferent world.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger