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Evolution vs. God.   The theory of evolution expresses that all living things have arisen by a materialistic evolutionary process from a single source, which itself arose from a dead, inanimate world.   This theory is also called the molecule-to-man theory. 

The creation model, on the other hand, demonstrates that all basic animal and plant types were brought into existence by acts of a supernatural Creator using special processes which are not in operation today. 

The work of creation By God is the absolute beginning of the temporal and material world.  The biblical evidence declares that God created the original heaven and earth from nothing (Genesis 1:1,2), and specifically noted in verse 2 of Genesis. 1, that when it was conceived by God, the mass was without form and void, and without life. The remaining account of Genesis 1 simply explains the process of creation in detail throughout six literal days. There is simply no implication in the Bible for the gap theory or any theory for that matter. Man and creation did not originate from something that was dead. We were created by the living God. 

The cult of evolution/gap theory evolved from the imagination of man and is in direct conflict with the Word of God. It is a manipulated and perpetual attack against the integrity of God's Word. Thank God we have the Bible

Dr. Arthur Belanger 

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