• Christ Is Alive and It Matters.

​​It would be wise for Christians to celebrate (observe) at a specific time set aside for festivities which should consist primarily of the preaching and teaching of God's Word concerning the observance of the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, Easter is an every day event for Christians. We serve a risen savior! 

The issue is not with the word Easter, the real issue is one's application. Do you apply pagan influences or are you biblical in doctrine and practice concerning Easter? Observing Easter biblically is right. 

If Jesus Christ is still dead, then nothing really matters. Because Christ is alive... He is ALL that matters. Why is this thinking so necessary? Often, we suffer from the sway of hopelessness when our soul is intimidated by fatal news. Jesus said: Let not your heart be troubled... (John 14:2). That statement by Christ is one of authority and authenticity. The resurrection of Christ is God's amen to His Son's obedience unto death at the cross. Herein lies our hope and comfort... God is satisfied with Christ crucified... thus, the believer is justified... freely, forever. The resurrection assures us that this is so (Romans 4:25).

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger 



Celebrating Easter.  Is It Biblical?

The word Easter is found only once in the Bible  (Acts 12:4). First, let me assure you that the translators of the Kings James Bible (1611) did not make a mistake in this regard. The term Easter was used to articulate a celebration of the resurrection of Christ during the Passover (a Jewish feast). You can be sure though, that anything that is biblically Christian will have a polluted duplicate.   Celebrating (Easter) the resurrection of Christ is no exception. 

There is a pagan Easter that is nurtured by false religions that is stimulated by Satan through his false teachings.  As born again believers, we do not observe Easter in the manner of pagan religion. The New Testament Church observes Easter (celebrates or engages in festivities reflecting the resurrection of Christ) by teaching the Word of God concerning the resurrection of Christ.