The Lamb's Book of Life.   To whom does Revelation 22:18,19  refer to?  Is it the believer or the unbeliever?  Or can both be removed from the Book of Life?

Answer... Verses 18 & 19 are an extension of verses 16 & 17 which dogmatically emphasize the messianic reign and deity of by whom salvation alone is by grace through faith.  Verses 18 & 19 warn against introducing and producing any conflict or contradiction to the specificity of God's Word concerning Christ Jesus.  To do so would be at one's own peril.

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Can Christians be removed from the Book of Life?  No truly born-again believer would ever nor could ever deny the Lord Jesus Christ as the revelation of God's Word (1 John 3:9).  This is impossible.  Thus, verses 18 & 19 refer to unbelievers (as noted in verse 17) who willfully distort the Word of God.  This is done by adding to the Word of God (vs.18) or taking away from the Word of God (vs.19).

Unbelievers, (in particular religious unbelievers) who add doubt to the Word of God do so by suggesting that contradictions permeate through out the Bible.  Or they will take away by virtue of their  suggestions and opinions the relevance of the Word of God.  The result of such foolish actions would be to have their part taken away from the book of life... the only opportunity and means for salvation (1 Peter 1:23).  Ultimately, for one to distort the Word of God is to call God a liar.  This act is both futile and fatal.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger