Christians & Suicide - What God Says?   We all understand that these are days marked by great distress.  Even Christians are given to deep rooted depression where suicide is seriously contemplated. 

  • There are seven recorded suicides in the Bible: 
  1. JUDGES 9:54 
  2. JUDGES 16:28-31 
  3. 1 SAMUEL 31:1-6 
  4. 1 SAMUEL 31:1-6 
  5. 2 SAMUEL 17:23 
  6. 1 KINGS 16:18 
  7. MATTHEW 27:5 
  • Then their are those who wanted to commit suicide... Jonah, Elijah, etc. 

Suicides will increase in our day. The Bible portrays society as indifferent towards God. Our godless society is bent on its own destruction. 

As these last days wax worse, suicides will become more and more common. As the pressures of life mount, the world will continue to refuse its only hope and help for their troubled souls; suicides will become acceptable.

Suicide will peek during the Great Tribulation period where it is recorded (Rev. 9:6) that people will favor death and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. Evidently the only thing that keeps the mass of society from committing suicide in the tribulation is the mercy of God. 



  • Preventing Suicide - How?

​​Only God knows what truly brings a person to the point of ending their life. Suicide, however, is rooted in deception. Many believe suicide to be an escape, or their only option, and/or the end of misery. This is false. 

The important question is this, what does the Bible provide for this ruined world? The answer is Jesus Christ! 

Although   Christians   have abundant life  in  Christ they are just as  susceptible  to suicidal thoughts as anyone else. Christians who commit
suicide...  will  they  go  to heaven or did they commit an unforgivable sin? 

Many consider suicide as an 

un-forgivable sin. Obviously the Bible provides a solid case against such an irrational thought. The instant a sinner is saved, they are justified (declared righteous/forever) the moment  they believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.. Their sins (past, present, future) are imputed to the Lord Jesus Christ (an irreversible act)

The believer's hope of heaven is not in their own ability to please God, nor is it revoked based on demerit of any sort;   but in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

Jesus Christ does not just meet needs... He Is The NEED! He is the answer for despair, death, and the only defense against deception.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger