• Salvation - The Factual Clues

​​Here are certain things to look for in your life if you are saved:

  • Have you enjoyed spiritual fellowship with God,, with Christ and with believers? 1 John 1:3,4 
  • Do you have a sensitivity to sin - 1 John 1:7 
  • Are you basically obedient to the commandments of Scripture? 1 John 2:3 
  • What is your attitude toward the world and its values? 1 John 2:15 
  • Do you practice sin less (not sinless) now that you have professed faith in Christ? 1 John 3:6 
  •  Have you experienced answered prayer? 1 John 3:22 
  • Do you have the inner witness of the Holy Spirit? 1 John 4:13
  • Do you have the ability to discern between spiritual truth and error? 1 John 4:1
  • Do you believe the basic doctrines of the faith? 1 John 5:1a
  • Have you experienced persecution for your Christian position? Philippians 1:28
  • Ultimately, do you find yourself gravitating to the Word of God for counsel, comfort, direction and instruction? 1 Peter 2:2

If you can answer yes to all of these, you are saved (period). If not, then know that you can be saved (Rom 5:8; John 3:16). God is willing and able to save you. Ask God by faith for forgiveness of your sins

Pray this prayer...   Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, and I believe you paid for my sins with your blood, and that you rose from the dead. I repent of my unbelief and place my trust in you alone to be my Savior. Amen!

If this is your prayer, Romans 10:13 is God’s answer: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
The assurance of salvation is made possible by a sound and structured study of God's Word.  Learn how... CLICK HERE

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger     





Salvation - A Matter of Fact.    Many Christians often wrestle with the need to know for sure they are saved.  For many, it is an up and down proposition.  Is it really possible to know that one is saved and on the road to heaven? 

There are many sincere Believers struggling with the certainty and clarity of salvation. Perhaps a daunting failure has collapsed their assurance and leaving them feeling alone, vulnerable, and hopeless.  The doubt factor is a daunting bully that leaves many Christians in a state of fear. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit has ZERO TOLERANCE for lingering doubts.

The Bible presents salvation as an obvious experience whereby, God by His grace has justified all who have trusted Jesus Christ (1 John 5:13). The assurance of salvation is not based on feelings (though the Christian may feel saved), but on the absolute authority and authenticity of God's Word.    

The most obvious or pressing clue that a person is saved will be realized in a certain gravitation

to  know  and  obey  the  Word  of

God.  It  is  a  matter  of  fact  that

believers  have  inherited  an

immeasurable  treasure  called 

the grace of God.   Yet, so many

are  willfully  trapped  by  their

efforts to obtain God's favor by

their works. This explains why

so  many  Christian  remain

woe-fully  in doubt about their

salvation.  There is nothing more grievous to the testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ than a believer on a trajectory pointing in the direction of feeling hopeless.  The only way to live the Christian life... is the way it begins:  by grace through faith in Christ Jesus alone.