What Kind of Body Will We Have In Heaven?

Dear Dr. Belanger, I know that when I die, my physical body is left in a grave. But what about the person... what kind of body will they have in heaven until their physical body is resurrected? I would appreciate any insight on this matter. Thank you. Robin S. Dallas TX

The Bible leaves no room for debate in this regard. 1 Thessalonians 4:13 tells us that those saints who have departed are "asleep". This does not refer to "soul sleep". It refers to the fact that their bodies are asleep.

When a Christian leaves this world, they are immediately ushered into the presence of the Lord. The Bible is clear in this matter. Note, 2 Corinthians 5:8. and Philippians 1:23.

Presently, all those who left this world in a saved condition are in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Heavenly Bodies. 

​​The question at hand is what manner of body they possess?Obviously, they do not possess their glorified bodies yet. However, it does appear that they possess some sort of a spiritual body. When Moses and Elijah appeared with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, they possessed bodies that could be seen and recognized, Matthew 17:3.

We know that when a Believer goes to heaven before the rapture, they will possess a visible, vocal, and vibrant spiritual body.   When  the Rapture  happens, the physical bodies of the departed Saints will then be resurrected to a glorified state and united with the Believer who already resides in heaven. This will enable the Believer to abide not only in Heaven, but on Earth as well (Revelation. 21).

Dr. Arthur Belanger