​​Epistle of First John Chapter Three.  

The apostle John begins chapter three with a bold understanding of God's favor and mannerism that believers experience with God in fellowship. The Christian life is possessed with a perpetual invitation to fellowship with God and experience the favors of fellowship. We learn from chapter three what fellowship consist of. 

  • Favored With Exactness - vs.1
  1. The Favor of Conclusiveness - vs.1a   ...Behold...  The believer is able to observe that God will never question His love for us... God will never regret saving us.
  2. The Favor of Confidence - vs.1b   ...What manner... The believer is able to observe and understand God's behavior towards the believer.  God will never display resentment towards the believer.
  3. The Favor of Contentment - vs.1c  ...that we should be called the sons of God...  God views his relationship and role as our Father as being unquestionable and unquenchable.
  • Favored With Experience - vs.2
  1. The Experience of Being Absolute - vs.2a  ...now are we the sons of God...

Note:  Our Identity Is Sure - vs.2a   ...now...
a.  How We Are Identified Is Sure - vs.2b   ...sons of God...
b.  Who Identifies Us - vs.2c  ...when He (Christ) shall appear...
2.  The Experience of Anticipating - 2c   ...He shall appear.





Epistle of First John Chapter Three continued..  

  • ​Favored With Exemplifying - vs.3-24 -
  1. Example of Believing - vs.3   ...hope...  Believers are a hopeful people.
  2. Example of Behavior - vs.4-24

Note Our Attitude About the Vice of Sin - vs.4 ...for sin is the transgression of the law...
Note Our Acknowledgement of Victory Over Sin - vs.5 ...he (Christ) was manifested to take away our sin...
Note Our Actions against Sin - vs.6,10  If One Is Truly Saved - vs.6,9

a.  The Believer Is Not Controlled By Sin - vs.6
b.  The Believer Is Not Conflicting With The Word of God -  vs.7
c.  The Believer Is Not Contradicting The Work Of God - vs.8,9
Note:  The One Who Is Not Saved - vs.10
a.  Their Identification Is Different - of The World
b.  Their Dedication Is Different - Worldliness
Note Our Accommodation Over Sin - vs.11,24
a.  The Word of God - vs.11   ...For this is the message...

  1. The Word of God Teaches Us To Love - vs.11,15 - How To & How Not To.
  2. The Word of God Reaches Us - vs.16   ...Hereby perceive we the love of God...

Note How It Reaches Our Conduct - vs.17,18

Note How It Reaches Our Conscience - vs.19,24

It is not uncommon for Christians to fall short in their fellowship with God. It is because of this, many believers are feeling un-assured of God's love. This often results in depression and fear; thus, the real danger is becoming vulnerable to satanic and/or self deception.  God is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins and He aggressively seeks to restore our fellowship with Him.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger