Epistle of Jude continued

  • The Apostasy & The Acts - vs. 5, 7
    1.  In The Face of Apostasy...  How Are We To Act?   
    a.  The Acts Of Jude’s Love - Reminding
    b.  Acting Out of Necessity - 5a. ...I will therefore
    Acknowledging Our Neglect - 5b. ...though ye once knew this...
    >  A Faithful Lord - 5c. ...how that the Lord… Power of Redemption
    > A Full Love - 5d. ...having saved the people… People of Redemption
    > A Foreign Land - 5e. …out of the land of Egypt… Place of Redemption
    > A Fatal Blow - 5f-5i

  1. When of God’s Judgment - 5f. ...afterward
  2. What Was God’s Judgment - 5g. ...destroyed
  3. Who Was God Judging? -5h ...them… See Rev. 20:11-15

Why Was God Judging? - 5i. ...that believed not
Note The Acts of The Apostates - 6,7
> The Angels Who Wouldn’t Beware - 6
] Rejected Their Position of Holiness
] Renounced Their Place In Heaven
] Reserved Their Punishment In Hell
> The Sinners Who Wouldn’t Believe - 7
] Immoral Practices - 7. It was voluntary sin & vile
] Impossible People - 8. Sensual - Sexual - Shunning - Slanderers

Heresy represents teaching that deviates from the truth. We are warned against it in Acts 20:29-32 and Philippians. 3:2.

Our only sufficiency necessary to expose heresy and false teachers is the Word of God under the direct influence of the Holy Spirit.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger

​​Epistle of Jude verses 4 to 7 - Exposing Bewitchers

Heresy, how it finds root in the Church?  This is an important question because heresies abound dogmatically.  In the following verses, Jude exposes these be-witchers.   The term heresy means a teaching that is contrary to biblical doctrine. The apostle Paul confronted heresy in the Colossian church (Colossian. 2:1-23).
Satan initiates heresy in Bible believing Churches by masquerading it as Bible doctrine worthy of debate.  Heresy will always find its opportunity to abound where the knowledge of God's word is weak. Heresies always rely on human insight and wisdom.

Like Paul, Jude was inspired by the Holy Spirit  to write transparently about the evil of heresy. All heresies at its origination is in self exaltation. The apostle Jude deliberately condemns any and all teaching that credits humanity and not Christ with being the answer to all of life's problems. 

  • The Apostate & The Facts- vs. 4

1.  In Disguise - 4a. ...certain men crept in unawares
They Compliment - Compete - Complain -
2.  In Disaster - 4b. ...ordained to this condemnation...
3.  In Disgrace - 4c. ...turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness…
4.  In Disbelieve - 4d. ...denying the only Lord God…