Epistle of Jude continued

  • The Believed (God)- vs. 2

a.  Invested Grace - ...Mercy unto you
b.  Inspiring Grace - ...and peace
c.  Invulnerable Grace ...and love
d.  Invincible Grace ...be multiplied

  • The Believing - vs. 3

a.  His Compatibility - ...Beloved
b.  His Commitment- ...I gave all diligence
c.  His Completeness - ...salvation...
d.  His Composure - ...it was needful.

To carry the Cross is to bear God's testimony that He alone absorbed the total cost of redemption (John 3;16). Thus, God will always abide faithful to identifying us as His very own.

As Christians, it is not our business to determine if we are of any use for God... but to abide in the truth that we are not our own (1 Corinthians 6:19,20). Being used for God will never trump being used to God. The Cross of Christ is why Christians are different in an indifferent world.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger     





​​Epistle of Jude verses 1 to 3 - Composing Believers

The Cross of Jesus Christ is more than the way to God... it is the way to abide with God just like Jesus (John 12:24,26).  Our life's as believers characterizes us as belonging to God and thus, stimulates our needed composure in a world that is in turmoil. Verses one to three radiate the value and benefit  of the gospel of Jesus Christ  and clearly marks the believer as different separate and unashamed in this wicked world. 

  • The Believer - vs. 1a-1c

a.  The Author Is Jude
b.  The Authenticity of Jude - ...the servant of Jesus Christ
c.  The Association With James - ...brother of James

  • The Believable - vs. 1d-1f

a.  They Are Sanctified By God ...that are sanctified by God
b.  They Are Secured By God - ...and preserved in Jesus Christ
c.  They Are Summoned By God - ...and called