​​Epistle of James Chapter Two.   Chapter two, we find James revealing the sin of partiality or exacting favoritism  and continues on with the correct understanding of faith.  He teaches that salvation is not by faith and works... but that salvation by faith works.

  • Favoritism That Fails - vs.1-13

a.  The Reasoning Against Favoritism - vs.1,8

  1. Inconsistent With Our Relationship To Christ - vs.1
  2. Indifferent In Our Relating Christ To Others - vs.2,4

b. The Repentance From Favoritism - vs.5   ...Hearken my beloved brethren..
c.  The Revealing Of Favoritism - vs.6,8

  1. It Abuses - vs.6a  ...ye have despised the poor...
  2. It Misuses People - vs.7a  ...do not rich men oppress...
  3. It Confuses People - vs.7b,8

c.  The Reward of Favoritism - vs9-13

  1. Conflict With The Royal Law - vs.9,10
  2. Conflict With The Loyal Law - vs.11,13

Epistle of James Chapter 2  continued:  

  • Faith That Prevails - vs.14-26

a.  The Problem of Faith Without Works - vs.14

  1. The Worthlessness of Faith Without Works - vs.14a   Question The Value.
  2. The Worrisome of Faith Without Works - vs.14b  Question The Validity.

b.  The Prospect Of Faith Without Works - vs.15-17

  1. Void Of Meaning - vs.15,16
  2. Void Of Meaningfulness - vs.17​

c.  The Proof Of Faith By Works - vs.18 

James Is Saying:  Believe God = Believable About God.

  1. James Gives Himself As An Example - vs.18...I will show thee my faith by my works...
  2. James Lives As An Example In Contrast To Satan & Vain Men - vs.19,20
  3. James Gives Abraham As An Example - vs.21,23
  4. James Gives Rahab As An Example - vs.24,25
  5. James Gives The Human Body As An Example - vs.26

Note: Some have imagined a contradiction between Paul (Romans 4:4,5) and James (James 2:24) concerning the justification of man. There is no contradiction!
1. Paul says that through faith a man is justified before God.
2. James says that through works a man is justified before men.
3. Paul says faith is the root of justification.
4. James says works is the fruit of justification.

Yes! We are saved by faith alone; but faith is not alone (without works). Good works will not justify a man before God, but a justified man will do good works.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger