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Demon Possession - Does It Happen?    I was asked by a pastor as to how one can tell if a person is demon possessed as opposed to having a physical, mental, emotional or psychiatric problem? 

First, let me say that it would be highly unusual for a pastor or missionary...etc. not to come in contact with a demon possessed person throughout their routine in ministry . It has been my experience on numerous occasions to experience contact with demon possessed people. 

Demons are fallen angels who serve in subjection to Satan. Demon-possessed people are under the control of one or more demons. 

There are four classic symptoms and/or consistencies of demon possessed people. Note Mark 5 

  • #1. Violent - vs.3,5 - A demon possessed person displays a pattern of violence. On themselves, others, and even property. Their presence conveys a real threat. 
  • #2: Vile - vs. 5,8  - A demon possessed person will display a vile challenge against ordained authorities: Note: They are vile in their conduct - vs.5, their conversation - vs.7, and their concerns - vs.8 
  • #3: Vices - vs. 11,12  - A demon possessed person is often entangled with vices that are characteristic of satanic origin. 
  • #4: Violated - vs.9 - You will find that a demon possessed person is unable to speak for themselves. Their will has been violated and thus, totally enslaved to the will of Satan (2 Timothy 2:26b). 
  • Delivered From Demon Possession.  How?

​​Demons and demon possession are real. It is vital that believers recognize the reality of Satan and demons, but we shouldn't let curiosity lead us to get involved with demonic forces (Deut. 18:10,12). Demons are powerless against Christians who are in subjection to Christ Jesus (James 4:7). 

What is the only remedy for a demon possessed person? 

The only way a demon possessed person can be delivered from demon possession and the power of Satan and a certain death is to be born-again - vs.15. This happens not by exorcism but by exacting the Word of God (1 Peter 1:23). The Christian's authority over demons rest exclusively in the power of God's Word. Our only sufficiency necessary to expose demons and defeat them is the Word of God under the direct influence of the Holy Spirit.  

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger