​​​​Book of Romans Chapter Ten.  
Chapter ten provides an outline of contrast.  The Jews sought salvation by virtue of their own righteousness.  Paul is very much aware of this as he himself was attached to this false system for salvation.  Paul sets the record straight that salvation is real and available on God's terms.  The very fact that Paul is used by God to pen these inspired words is a clear reminder to Israel that they are not a forgotten people. 

  • The Prayer For Israel- vs.1-3
  1. It Is Special - vs.1a  ...Brethren...
  2. It Is Spiritual - vs.1b  ...my heart's desire...
  3. It Is Scriptural - vs.1c  ...prayer to God for Israel...be saved.
  • The Problem With Israel- vs.2,3
  1. Their Motivation - vs.2  ...zeal of God...but not according to knowledge...  Motivated by Pride.
  2. Their Education - vs.3a  ...they be ignorant of God's righteousness...
  3. Their Determination - vs.3b   ...going about to establish their own righteousness...

Book of Romans Chapter Ten  continued  

  • The Prospect For Israel  vs.4,5
  1. Salvation Exacted By Christ - vs.4   ...For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness...
  2. Salvation Exemplified By Moses - 5,16

a. The Law of Moses - vs.5  ...righteousness which is of the law...
b. The Lord of Moses - 6,15  Salvation Is Near & Obvious.      

Note:  One Need Look No Farther - vs.6,7
Note:  One Need Look No Further - vs.8,9
Note:  One Need Look For No Other - vs.10,16

  • The Promise For Israel- vs.1
  1. The Word of God Is Preached - vs.17   ...and hearing by the word of God.
  2. The Word of God Reaches - vs.18  ...unto the ends of the world.
  3. The Word Of God Teaches - 19,21

Seeing reality God's way takes a tremendous amount of discipline. It is the sense of worth that we gain from doing so that compels us to a habit of obedience regardless of what we see or don't see with our naked eye. We perceive that there is one reality that changes not: The Word of God.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger