​​Book of Romans Chapter One.  
The Gospel is not the gospel of men, but the gospel of God. By it, the revealed truth of God's love is manifested and judgment on sin is sure and the certain defeat of death and the devil. There is not hing in time or eternity more certain than what Jesus Christ accomplished on the Cross. The cross is ground zero for humanity and eternity. God the Father made redemption through the blood of His only Begotten Son the foundation by which we stand reconciled unto HIM.

The apostle Paul demonstrates the perfection of the Gospel with three essentials throughout the book of Romans. These Three Essentials Form The Basis of Our Study Of Romans:

Implicitly The Gospel - 1:16 - Our Surety
Simplicity Of The Gospel - 5:8 - Our Security
Complicity Of The Gospel - 10:13 - Our Serenity

The apostle Paul was an enemy of the gospel; at enmity with God, and is now an evident trophy of the perfection and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Book of Romans Chapter 1:1,7  

  • FACT OF CONVERSION - vs1 ...Paul a servant..

Note The Reality Of Salvation:
Paul's Relationship To Christ - vs.1a ...servant...
Paul Relating To Christ ...1b ...called to be...

  • FACT OF CONVEYING - vs.2; Ps 33:11; Hebrews 1:1,2

God Conveys His Surety - Heb.1:2a. ...had...
God Conveys His Sincerity - Heb.1:2b ...promised...
God Conveys His Serenity - Heb.1:2c ...the holy scriptures...

  • FACT OF CONCERN - vs.3,6 -


  1. Incarnation of Christ vs.3 - DEITY-GOD.
  2. Declaration of Christ - vs.4 See Acts 4:12

             Salvation In Christ - vs.5a

             Sanctification by Christ vs.5b,6
             Saints Of Christ - vs.7

Note God's Concern And Will For The Saints...

  1. Know Their Place: In The World... Not of The World - 7a ...be in Rome...
  2. Know Their Race: To Be Godly In An Ungodly World - 7b ...to be saints...
  3. Know The Grace Of God: It's Personal & Persuasive - 7c ...Grace to you...

The apostle Paul is a transformed man because of the perfect gospel of Christ. Note the evidence of salvation by the reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ:

  • The work of salvation is not impossible:  Paul was converted.
  • The work of sanctification is important:  Paul was confident
  • The work of glorification is impacting: Paul was content to continue.