• When It Will Be Clear God Is Judging America?

When will it be obvious to the general population that God is judging America?

#1: America's Real Shock - Psalm 9:20   When will America be made to feel helpless?  When will her existence be reduced to a very fragile state?  For America, the shock will be financial.  America's heart is in her wallet.  America is financially bankrupt.  She is loaded with debt that cannot realistically be paid.  The deception that America can survive or prosper in the context of un-imaginary debt will be ignored until its to late.  
#2: America's Rejection of Her Shame & Sin - Nehemiah 1:1,9   America is morally bankrupted.  Her moral compass is governed by toleration of evil influences.  Her resistance to evil has been severely handicapped by virtue of a politically correct mentality.  Americans (including many Christians) will vote for preferences over principle. The stage of judgment is often sown and built  with a vote for preference over principle.
#3: America’s Refusal Of God's Mercy - Psalm 9:9; 2 Chron. 7:14   America is spiritually bankrupted.  She is seen as a nation that is ignorant of God and purposefully ignores her ignorance.  America is a very troubled nation that is in very serious trouble with God.  It is painfully obvious that America has been seduced by a false security and made vulnerable by her arrogant imagination of invincibility.

  • What Does America Need Now?

1. The Word of God Preached - America needs to hear the relevance of Jesus Christ and the good news of the power of the gospel (Romans 1:15,16). 
2. The Work of God Reaching - The New Testament Church coming back to basics. The Church must avoid trying to Christianize America and emphasize evangelizing her. 

May God provide America with revived Churches back to the Bible. There is no other hope... Jesus IS the only hope for America and the world (John 3:16).

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger 





America Under God's Judgment?   This is a very disturbing question because of what it implies.  What provokes God's judgment on a nation?   Both the Bible and history provide the clear reason that provokes the judgment of God on a nation. That reason is found in Psalm 9: verse 17:  The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God

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When a nation forgets God... they forfeit their liberties to false gods.   To the discerning thinker, it is obvious that America has chosen a deliberate and unfortunate path of forgetfulness of God that has resulted in a nation of many gods (Romans 1:21,23).  

When a nation is judged by God, it always begins with placing an ungodly ruler or leader over that nation.    Both the Bible and history prove this to be so.   What are the symptoms that result when a nation intentionally forgets God?   You will note that God's judgment is imposed by virtue of an ungodly leader in whom there will be a display of the following:

  • A Path of self-sufficiency - Psalm 9:20; Romans 1:21,23; Prov.14:12 
  • A Pathetic view of life - Psalm 106:37,38 
  • A Apathetic attitude for repentance - Revelation 2:21; 9:20; 16:9,11 ​

Consistently in scripture and history, all three of the above references have always resulted in God's judgment. America is no exception.