Making The Case for President Donald J. Trump. 2020

The upcoming election of 2020 for the U.S. presidency should be of great concern for all Americans.   Is there a legitimate case to be made and understood to reelect President Donald J. Trump?  Yes!  While many Christians and conservatives are presupposed to reelect Trump in 2020;  many Americans remain uncertain and perhaps unwilling to support Trump.  Love or hate Trump, there is durable reason to reelect him in 2020.  The case for Trump is compelling enough to even persuade liberals and independents to participate in Trump's reelection.  

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The case to reelect Trump is bolstered by America's commonality and common sense. Let's not underestimate nor insult the sound and prudent judgment of the American electorate. Consider the case for Trump 2020 reelection: 

  • Reliability - Donald Trump is true to his word.  His actions reaffirm his commitment to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. The American conscience has taken notice.​
  • Solidity -  President Trump's determination to keep America free and great is unwavering and uncompromising.  America's greatness is entrenched in her history that reveals a determination that all people are inherently a free people. America's greatness is unequivocally displayed in her generosity, ingenuity, and her willingness to argue and defend against injustices perpetrated throughout her history at home and abroad.  Don't underestimate the will of the American people to live as a free people and defend it.  America is a kind nation, but she is NOT a push over.  President Donald J. Trump understands that America is in a perpetual struggle to remain a free and peaceful nation.  He has taken action judicially and legislatively to assure America is always a victorious nation in the pursuit of liberty, justice, and happiness.
  • Commander in Achievements -  President Donald J. Trump will be remembered in history as the "Great Achiever."  His political achievements are embedded in the American conscience and conversation.  His achievements are admirable and will have residual effect well into the next generation. His greatest achievement, however, has been to exemplify what it means to be an American.  One can understand and discern America's heartbeat with an honest and sincere study of President Trump’s actions.  He will let no entity (domestic or foreign) impose restrictiveness on the human mind nor enslave the human will to hopelessness. The American experiment is not just a good idea, it is the quest of every living soul.  Freedom is the sure journey that inspires and sustains one's dreams regardless of the immense challenges.  Reelecting President Donald J. Trump in 2020 is in essence, keeping every American citizen empowered and inspired to pursue and achieve their dreams and share the fruit of their achievements.

Dr. Arthur Belanger

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