​​Book of Third John.  

This 25th book of the Bible is written by the apostle John.   It is very likely that John wrote his epistle somewhere around A.D. nineties as he did with his first and second epistle.   John writes to encourage Gaius as well as thank him for his faithfulness and Christ-like testimony.  Whereas, he points out the awful testimony of Diotrephes.  It is a letter of great contrast between a spiritually minded believer verse a carnally minded believer.

  • The Gracious Testimony of Gaius - vs.1-8

a.  John Prays For Gaius - vs.1-2
b.  John Praises Gaius - vs.3,8
1.  Gauis Is Faithful To God's Message - vs.3,4  ...walkest in the truth...
2.  Gauis Is Fruitful With God's Messengers - vs.5,8
Note:  Gauis Is Charitable - vs.5,6
Note:  Guais Is Challenging - vs.7,8

  • The Grievous Testimony Of Diotrephes - vs.9-11

a.  Prideful Attitude of Diotrephes - vs.9  loveth, the pre-eminence.
b.  Prating Accusations of Diotrephes - vs.10a  ...prating against...
c.  Predatory Actions Of Diotrephes - vs.10b  ...and casteth them out of the church.
d.  Problem Attributed Because Of Diotrephes - vs.11
1.  His Influence Is To Be Rejected - vs.11a   ...follow not...
2.  His Intentions Are To Be Revealed - vs.11b   ...which is evil..

Book of Third John...  Continued...

  • The Glowing Testimony Of Demetrious - vs.12

a.  The Report - vs.12a  ..hath good report...
b.  The Reach - vs.12b  ..of all men...
c.  The Record - vs.12c-e
1.  It Is Intentionally Recorded - vs.12c  ...we also bear record...
2.  It Is Mentally Recorded - vs.12d  ...and ye know...
3.  It Is Factually Recorded - vs.12e   ...our record is true.

  • The Godly Testimony Of John - vs.13,14

a.  He Is Mindful of Their Needs - vs.13  I had many things to write.
b.  He Is Motivated To Meet Their Needs - vs.14
1.  He Is Personally Invested - vs.14a  ...I shall shortly see thee.
2. He Is Sincerely Interested - vs,14b  ...we shall speak face to face.
3. He Is Perpetually Inspiring - vs.14c  ...Peace be to thee.  Our friends salute thee.

If you are a believer attempting to walk in the likeness Christ, you can be sure the Holy Spirit will be assertive within your spirit when confronted with a situation or decision that would take you outside the will of God.   Because it all boils down to a life of unreserved dependence upon Christ. 

A biblical devotion is always instigated and nurtured  by the grace of God and is an infinite treasure of eternal value.  God's grace is the standard of service that becomes the statement of our service.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger