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Tuition & Fees Refund Policy

Students are required to pay all, or a portion, of their tuition and fees for any registered degree program.  Withdrawal or cancellation occurs on the calendar day that the withdrawal is requested online or in person at the Office of the Registrar. The college provides a pro-rated refund for students withdrawing within the first two weeks of receipt of services/product (digital or via: USPS - UPS - FedEx)  Please see the table below for information regarding refunds.

Timing Refund Percentage

  • Before Receipt of Delivery as noted above:   100% (Less application fee)
  • Withdraw during 1st week 75% (Less
  • Withdraw during 2nd week 75%

Withdraw during 3rd week 50%
Withdraw during 4th week 25%
Withdraw after 4th week 0%

All refunds are less any amounts owed to the university.