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  • Chapter Nine:  At A Cross Road... Time To Choose
  • Chapter Ten:  Wise Up
  • Chapter Eleven:  True Or False
  • Chapter Twelve:  A Love Affair
  • Chapter Thirteen:  Pay Attention Because Attention Pays
  • Chapter Fourteen:  What In The World Are You Doing?
  • Chapter Fifteen:  Softly And Tenderly Always Works
  • Chapter Sixteen:  The Bottom Line
  • Chapter Seventeen:  Up Or Down?
  • Chapter Eighteen:  Don't Be Fooled
  • Chapter Nineteen:  Winner Or Loser?
  • Chapter Twenty:  A Life Trapped By Trappings
  • Chapter Twenty-one:  Heart To Heart
  • Chapter Twenty-two:  So What Is Your Name?
  • Chapter Twenty-three:  Watch It!
  • Chapter Twenty-four:  Don't Do That!
  • Chapter Twenty-five:  It Is What It Is.
  • Chapter Twenty-six:  Peaceful In A World Of Broken Pieces
  • Chapter Twenty-seven:  That Would Be A NO, NO.
  • Chapter Twenty-eight:  Now That Is Ok.
  • Chapter Twenty-nine:  Make Or Break
  • Chapter Thirty:  Get Real!
  • Chapter Thirty-one:  A Mother's TLC

Book of Proverbs Verse by Verse.  The book of Proverbs consist of 31 chapters and contains over 900 proverbs.  These are a collection of the proverbs of Solomon, Agur and King Lemuel.  Solomon was the son of David and Bathesheba.  He became king at the young age of twenty.  David named his son Solomon, which means peaceable; a very appropriate name.

The Book of Proverbs can be broken down into 5 divisions:
1.  Chapters 1-9:  Wisdom and folly contrasted.
2.  Chapters 10-24:  A collection of proverbs written and set in order by Solomon.
3.  Chapters 25-29:  Proverbs of Solomon, which the men of Hezekiah copied out.
4.  Chapter 30:  The burden, or oracle of an otherwise unknown sage named Agur.
5.  Chpater 31:  Instruction given to king Lemuel by his mother.

A proverb is a short sentence expressing in a few words a well known and established truth.  As you read Proverbs, you will find the words of Solomon are as up-to-date as tomorrow's newspaper.  The following outlines provide a clear exposition of each chapter of Proverbs and are intended only to act as a spring board to the whole counsel of God's Word.  The only objective intended here, is to know God by the Word of God.  Proverbs is more than just learning about God,  it is learning FROM God.

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