• Falling Short of God's Glory.

The term fallen in Galatians 5:4 literally means... to fall short of something or someone that we cannot possess in our own strength.   Simply put, salvation is by Grace through faith and not works.  Once a believing sinner is saved by grace... they will never fall from God's grace (Ephesians 2:7,22).  Paul here is not referring to people who are saved... he is referring to those who seek salvation by the law wherein grace; (the only means of salvation) is made void.​​

The church at Galatia was bewitched by false teachers that expounded salvation and sanctification through conformity to the law.  The apostle Paul countered by demonstrating that conformity to the law will always fall short of God's glory and grace.  

Paul is simply saying that Christians are not led by the letter of the law, but by a better law.   Believers have inherited an immeasurable and eternal treasure called the grace of God. Yet, so many are willfully trapped by their efforts to obtain God's favor by their works. This explains why so many Christian remain woe-fully hindered in their spiritual growth. 

The only way to live the Christian life... is the way it begins:  by grace through faith in Christ Jesus alone. 

God's amazing grace is Christ Crucified - God Satisfied - The Believer Justified.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger    

Falling From God's Grace?     Galatians chapter five, verse four  provides a stern reference to falling from grace.  Is it possible that a born-again believer could actually fall from God's grace?

The biblical term "grace" explicitly means: intentional favor and kindness that requires no deserving or recompense of any sort and yet, when grace is exacted and experienced, will compel willful loyalty.  From this understanding of God's grace, there can be no compromise in the fabric or culture of God's grace, or else, grace fails to be grace.

So then; why did the apostle Paul make a stern reference to falling from grace?  Keeping this subject in context... Paul is not talking about Christians who fall into sinful behavior... He is referring to those who prefer religious or ritual legalism to obtain salvation.  Simply put; Paul is saying, if one seeks justification by the works of the law, Christ will have no effect upon them... thus, they fall short of benefiting from God's grace... namely:  the obtaining of salvation.