Epistle of Jude continued

  • Denouncing The Way Of The Apostate - vs. 12-19
  1. They Are Dangerous Because They Have No Fear Of God - 12a ...these are spots...without fear...
  2. They Are Deceitful Because There Is No Favor From God - 12b  ...clouds they are...without water...
  3. They Are Destitute Because There Is No Fruit From God - 12c  ...whose fruit withereth...without fruit…
  4. They Are Dead Because There Is No Faith In God - 12d.
    ...twice dead...plucked up by the roots

  5. They Are Disgraceful Because There Fellowship Is Not With God - 13a.  .foaming out their own shame
  6. They Are Drifting Because There Foundation Is Not God - 13b. ...wandering stars…
  7. They Are Doomed Because They Planned Their Future Without God - 13c,19 ...to whom is reserved...the blackness of darkness... forever…
    Note Their Waiting Execution - vs.14,15
    Note Their Worldly Exaggerations - vs.16,18
    Note Their Willful Wickedness - vs.19

Satan's fiery darts against Christians are intended to stimulate a distrust of God and tolerance for self-sufficiency. More often than not... this is accomplished through stimulating the mind with a preoccupation for survival and/or an endless search for self-significance (Genesis 3:1,6). When believers yield to the temptation for either, there always on the loosing end of the battle.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger   

​​​Epistle of Jude verses 11 to 19  Supposing The Beguilers 

The Devil's ultimate desire is to bring doubt to the reliability of God's Word by a provocative ongoing effort to mandate and produce disputes and debates that challenges the authority of God's Word. This is a method used by apostates. It produces a horrific drag on the Church. Often, many believers live in a state of doubt.   Jude points out the residual effects of apostates and their supposition in the Church.

  • Announcing The Waste Of Apostates - vs. 11
  1. The Matter Of Apostasy - 11 - ...and ran… 2 Timothy 4:3,4
  2. The Manner Of Apostasy - 11 ...greedily… Prov. 15:27a
  3. The Mistake In Apostasy - 11 ...after the error...
  4. The Model For Apostasy - 11 ...of Balaam… Confusion
  5. The Motive For Apostasy - 11 ...for reward… Prov.23:4,5