• Clues A Church Is Compromised

The following reflection is a list of things that are examples of the secularization of a compromised church: ​​

  • 1. The Bible is increasingly competed against (2 Tim.4:1-5).  That is, the Bible is merely inclusive and not exclusive.  There is an obvious prejudice against the exclusiveness of the Bible.  Discerning Christians understand that the Bible is not a book of advice,  it is absolute.
  • 2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught as a solution versus salvation. In this world of relativism, it is not popular to claim that Jesus is the only way to be saved.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not an alternative... it is God's ultimatum.
  • 3. There is a feeling of embarrassment as a witness of Christ. Our silence is Satan's victory.
  • 4. Tolerance versus dogmatism is consider essential. A worldly church is more concerned with public-relations versus a personal relationship with Christ.  In particular, you will find a worldly similarity in the music program. (Church Music That Grieves The Holy Spirit).
  • 5. There is a fear of offending the world.   Obviously, we should not be offensive just for the sake of being offensive, but we should not be timid in speaking the truth of God's word when the need arises.The gospel that offends no one is not the gospel of the Bible. 
  • 6. A greater emphasis on moral and social issues versus spiritual issues. Moral and social preaching left to it self is a form of godliness while denying the power of the cross. 
  • 7. Prayer, worship, and fellowship with God is reduced to a formality and left there. ​

The world cannot afford a worldly church. Our chief asset is the Word of God rightly divided. This alone is what keeps a division between the world and the Church.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger

Compromised Churches - The Evidence? 

What does a secular Church look and sound like?   Would we know one if we saw  it?   How can we recognize a church that is more secular than scriptural? 

Like any counterfeit, the most effective way to recognize the danger of secularism is to be conformed to the sacred (Romans 12:1,2). This is why the knowledge of the Word of God is so important. 

If we find something in the church that is contrary to scripture  but is taught and accepted in the secular world; then that church has become, in part, secularized... and may be on a subtle but slippery slope of conformity to worldliness.  Thus, becoming increasingly a spiritually unhealthy environment that competes against scriptural authority and corrupts spiritual growth.  The result is churches compromising their most important asset:  their relevance in the matter of scriptural authority.