​​​​Book of Romans Chapter Fourteen.  ​Judging Others
The apostle Paul was not only concerned with the salvation of sinners, he was deeply concerned for weaker Christians in the faith and the responsibility of the mature believer in aiding a weaker brother or sister in the Lord to grow to maturity.  Mature believers understand that doing right  verses one's rights is the duty and privilege for Christians.   

There were differences in behavior among believers in Rome that often caused the weaker believer to be offended.  Mature believers are always concerned that new believers and/or weak Christians grow to a state of productiveness.  The apostle Paul displays his concern against being a stumbling block to weaker Christians. 

I.  The Governing Method For Nurturing Believers - Dealing With The Externals - vs.1-9

  • Be Receptive - vs.1
  • Be Respectful - vs.2
  • Be Responsible - vs.3,9
  1. A Responsible Approach  - vs. 3   ...Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not.
  2. A Responsible Appeal - vs.4  ...Who art thou that judgest...
  3. A Responsible Attitude - vs.5,9   (vs.7) ...For none of us liveth to himself....

II.  The Governing Matter For Mature Believers - Dealing With The Eternal - vs.10-13

  • An Eternal Reason - vs.10  ...the judgement seat of Christ...
  • An Eternal Response - vs.11-13   ...every knee shall bow...shall give account...Let us not...

Book of Romans Chapter Fourteen  continued  

III.  The Governing Motive For All Believers - Dealing With The Internal - vs.14-23

  • A Motive Based On Facts - vs.14 ...I know, and am persuaded...by the Lord...
  • A Motive Blessed With Freedom - vs.15,18
  • A Motive Bound By Forbearance - vs.19,23

It is not unusual for Christians to blame their problems on external sources.  However, the Bible clearly points the finger on the internal.   The more you invest in yourself, the greater your indebtedness (Matthew 16:26). The result is a lack of meaningful prayer and a diminished testimony that is covered in a shallow grave of pretension.

Our greatest undoing is doing for ourselves (James 4:2).   Our coming short of God's glory is more often due to pride and stubbornness verses the influence and arrows of Satan. Satan can only tempt us to justify why we should sin... he has no power to make us sin (1 John 4:4). The enemy that Satan is... is not our chief problem... it is the enmity of our hearts.

We must continuously battle against our own individual temperament and fleshly inclinations so that we are not an advantage for the wiles of the devil. The advantage we have as Christians is the perpetual convicting work of the Holy Spirit in whom there is a zero tolerance for self-exaltation.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger